What Clients Are Saying…

Hi MJ, I am very pleased with the résumé. It  conveys that I know a lot about my field and that I have accomplished a lot. I think it will definitely put me in contention for the promotion. I wish I could write as well as you.
M.S. - Information Technology Manager
Dear MJ, Good news! I was accepted into the PhD program at ________ and also offered a paid assistantship in the psych department. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance in knowing just what to write in that essay as well as your eloquence.
M. D. – Graduate School Candidate in Psychology
Hi M J, I read the updated résumé and cover letter. They look great. The cover letter could not be more on target. I guess being a repeat client helps a lot. You understand my professional experience thoroughly and how I like to communicate. Thank you very much.
O.K. - Chief Financial Officer
MJ, I obtained a school counseling position! I heard they received 100+ résumés & interviewed 15 people. They clearly liked my résumé. At the interview I was able to keep my nervousness away as I felt so prepared. The questions asked were similar to what we practiced. Thanks for all ...
A.M. - Graduate Student
Good Morning MJ. Well I have to tell you that things are going well! Mike has agreed to take me on as an intern so I am really going to get to reinvent myself after too many years in accounting. This is going to work. I am forever grateful.
N. W. – Career Changer
MJ, Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the résumé and cover letter. Over the weekend, my wife and I read it several times and couldn't help being thoroughly impressed. We see no changes necessary. Thanks again.
L.O. - Technical Writer, Information Technology
MJ I am taking your advice. I will put everything into resurrecting my career. While it may have seemed logical for you to say what you did, people stopped making those suggestions to me. They gave up on me; I gave up on me. Thanks for lighting the fire again.
J.S. - Career reentry after long-term unemployment
Hello MJ. This note comes a little late but I wanted to let you know that I am now working for _________ as their General Manager at ________. This position is exactly what I was looking for. They were quite impressed with the résumé and cover letter and it definitely ...
C.B. - Property Manager
MJ, The résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are amazing! I could have never done this on my own. You managed to hit all the best parts of my employment in a concise way. In comparison, mine was rambling and didn't flow.
C.M. – Director, Platform Engineering
Dear MJ, After the wonderful résumé and cover letter you wrote, I was offered a position as a research associate at ______. The position has room for advancement. I would like to thank you for your service. It was excellent and I would recommend you to anyone.
G. M. - Real Estate Market Research Analyst
Hi MJ, I have a start date of September 15th. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and expertise. I know that my résumé was an enormous factor in landing this position, which is actually my dream job.
V. G. - Director of Product Development & Merchandising
Hi MJ, I got two interviews from the first four résumés I sent out and I accepted one of these positions with a salary $10,000 higher than what I was making when I came to you. I feel foolish that I initially balked at your fee. I am so grateful.
R.M. - Marketing Director
Dear MJ, I just got a job! I sent out 12 résumés and interviewed 5 times. More than one employer stated they liked my résumé. The interviews were tough but the practice we did helped me keep my composure and answer the unavoidable questions about my career change. Thanks again.
R.K. - Project Manager, Landscape Design
MJ, The résumé you wrote has worked. Thank you for transforming my background of recent part-time jobs into a powerful message about my strengths. I have interviews next week and I feel confident now. I'll let you know where I land. My son is going to call you. Best Regards.
S.S. - Administrative Assistant
Hi MJ.  I just accepted a job offer as an HR manager. I was told that my résumé was phenomenal. I kind of new that because as soon as I started sending it I started to hear back. Thanks for all your hard work. Kind regards.
L. P. - Human Resources Manager
MJ, I'm glad I had you work on my résumé again. The VP who interviewed me was very interested in the integration project-you were right to move that up on the page. I'm giving my cousin your name. He needs a new résumé. (You turned me into a résumé snob!)
J.T. - Risk Manager
MJ, I am somewhat at a loss for words. When I came to you I was a mess. It was amazing how you were able to see through all of my poor job choices to come up with the perfect career for me. You are like some kind of mindreader...actually ...
C.D. - Future Corporate Treasury Professional
The human resource manager at [company name] interviewed me yesterday and said my résumé was one of the most well-written ones she had ever read. I made it to the next level. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. You are truly great at what you do.
J.B. - Corporate Attorney
Hi MJ. Thank you for such good work. I am really pleased. You will definitely get referrals from me.
M. A. - Attorney
MJ, I got a job at a firm in Garden City. No more commute! They said the résumé was so complete it eliminated a lot of the interview questions they were going to ask. They spent the interview telling me about the firm. Whew!
J.D. - Law Librarian
MJ, Thank you so much. You got to the essence of my son and saw his strengths. I never knew about careers in market research but I see why you feel it's a good choice for him. "H" wasted 3 years since college. I wish we found you sooner.
Parent's comments H.Y. - Young adult, no career focus
Dear M J, Since our career counseling session I feel like I've awakened. It was pretty wild the way you put things together and suggested speech language pathology as a career. I absolutely believe it is what I am meant to do. I will be forever thankful to you.
D. L. - 25-Year-Old, Career Counseling Client
Hi! I am interviewing for the position of Executive Director at [name of non-profit]. They called my cover letter and résumé "sophisticated" (kudos to you, MJ). They challenged me with some of the toughest interview questions imaginable but your interview coaching was invaluable and I nailed it 😉
K.C. Executive Director, Professional Association
MJ, I just started working as a Project Manager in Manhattan! The new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile you wrote helped make it happen but only after you steered my career in the right direction and gave me the confidence to even make a move. Best Regards!
J.A. Electrical Engineer
Just to let you know by last Wednesday I had 3 job offers. Thanks for your help in getting back my confidence and for writing the résumé and cover letter that made my phone ring!
J.F. - Insurance Claims Specialist

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Careers by Choice is a Long Island based résumé service and career counseling firm convenient to Nassau County and Suffolk County residents. Services are offered in-person right in the heart of Huntington, NY.

My practice is a regionally recognized career counseling and résumé writing firm committed to the highest standards of the profession. Simply put: if you’re serious about your career, that makes two of us! With a master’s degree in career counseling and additional certification as a professional résumé writer, I specialize in helping individuals with a very important aspect of their lives—career fulfillment. My expertise relates to helping you identify and pursue work that energizes you, suits your abilities, and meets your additional desires related to salary, benefits, work hours, location, and opportunities for advancement. In addition to helping individuals make good career decisions and prepare for a job searches by creating excellent résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, I frequently help my clients practice for interviews.  

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